Eft Tapping

Eft tapping is the essential component of the Emotional Freedom Technique. The Emotional Freedom Technique is based on the work of clinical psychologist Roger Callahan who discovered that the Eastern energy adjustments of accupoints could be applied to psychological as well as physical symptoms. This was an idea that had importance for energy medicine, Cognitive Behavioral Sensory Desensitization, and other treatment methodologies.

It is a well-known that the part of the brain that deals with threats is the limbic system. The limbic system encodes negative experiences with a negative charge. When a similar experience to the encoded experience in the limbic system occurs the limbic system goes into overdrive. The person then reacts in their habitual unhealthy way or ways.

The Emotional freedom Technique works by having a person who has experienced a negative event recall it with a method known exposure and reframe the experience with a statement of self-acceptance. The final piece of the healing triad in the Emotional Freedom Technique is eft tapping on points on the body used in acupuncture to relieve stress.

Eft tapping is soothing to the person and interrupts the emotional triggering created by the traumatic memory, thereby reducing the emotional upset. This is the final piece in revering Psychological Reversal where a person says they want to accomplish say losing weight but have unconscious beliefs that wouldn’t allow it.

Whereas the Emotional Freedom Technique utilizes the eft tapping in conjunction with exposure and positive affirmation cognitive Behavioral Sensory Desensitization uses exposure, a device to shift cognitions, positive affirmation, and acupressure points. It is my belief that CBSD effective than the Emotional Freedom Technique however there are no studies to date confirming or disconfirming my beliefs. A minor note – my CBSD teacher stopped using it previously.

Before the treatment begins with the Emotional Freedom Technique there is a self-estimate of

distress on a scale of 1-10 or in EMDR terms the Subjective Units of Distress.

This can be redone at the end of treatment to determine the treatments’ success.

The Emotional Freedom Technique sees an individual’s difficulty in functioning as a problem of the body’s energy system, as do practitioners of energy medicine and others. The specifics of the Emotional Freedom Technique are the affirmation stated three times simultaneously with the exposure or the recall of the trauma, the Psychological Reversal which creates the symptoms, and the eft tapping which brings about healing which interrupts the emotional triggering created by the emotional upset.

Some of the ailments the Emotional Freedom Technique can be used to treat with eft tapping are overcoming phobias such as claustrophobia, heights, guilt, driving, dogs, water, sex, and others. Also the Emotional Freedom Technique with eft tapping can alleviate the emotional charge from traumatic memories, as well as being helpful with addictions. The explanation for this is as addictions are ways to cope with anxiety, therefore if the negative emotions in the body’s energy system are alleviated addictions can be managed.

As the Emotional Freedom Technique is recommended, alone with eft tapping, by Bruce Lipton, Ph. D., the author of The Biology of Belief, a book with a profound analysis of how thoughts affect the body down to the cellular level – this method cannot be dismissed. This book also contains many of the intellectual underpinnings of Cognitive Behavioral Sensory Desensitization. Therefore eft tapping in the context of the Emotional Freedom Technique should be given some respect.