The Case of Connie

CBSD treats unresolved traumatic deaths causing severe migraines and a conversion reaction

Connie came to treatment having been experiencing severe migraine headaches, vertigo, bodily pain, teeth clenching, and intense numbness in her face and neck. (The last two symptoms were a conversion reaction.*) These symptoms had lasted for a year and one half and Connie said she had incurred over $10,000.00 in medical bills to discover there was no medical basis for her pain.

Connie then decided that she had to do something to get herself better and sought counseling as her recommendations as to treatment from her doctors only produced mixed results. In my assessment of Connie it was apparent that she had experienced four traumas in the last year and one half. Three were the completely unexpected deaths of three relatives who had no known medical problems. “During the first few sessions while talking about my losses I would cry uncontrollably and thought I would never overcome the pain. As Mr. Steinhart realized the underlying causes of my pain he decided to use CBSD. I agreed to follow the program as I was so desperate to find relief from the pain.”

We decided to use the death of Connie`s cousin as the first CBSD, and as it turned out, was the only CBSD needed. I also assured Connie that she would be better by her wedding date about six weeks away.

Connie then said “to my surprise within the first week following the CBSD and the next I started to feel emotional relief which in turn has relieved the physical pain. The troubling thought that any physical pain could lead to death I had on a daily basis started to subside and became further and further between occurrences. I was also able to stop negative thoughts before they manifested themselves in physical pain or anxiety.”

After this we did some work to help Connie learn to deal with her emotions in healthy ways and at our last session expressed her excitement about getting married as a well-functioning person. Total time in trauma related treatment, nine sessions including one CBSD session.

* “Traditionally the term conversion derived from the hypothesis that the individual somatic symptom represents a symbolic resolution of unconscious psychological conflict, reducing anxiety and serving to keep the conflict out of awareness.”  (DSM)


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