The Case of Deborah

CBSD treats a victim of childhood verbal and physical abuse

Deborah originally came to counseling with her husband Paul. In one session she said she was afraid she might physically hurt her young children. She further went on to say she had been in therapy for twenty two years on and off and that she had never gotten a complete handle on her anger. Deborah added that she believed the source of her anger was being physically and verbally abused by her brother and mother.

With agreement by Paul, Deborah decided to do some trauma specific work. The incident she chose as the most intense was an incident where her mother said she was worthless and stupid and that she should have died after having being raped and beaten by two men while she was on cocaine. In the beginning of the session Deborah`s intensity level was the highest possible and by the end gone completely.

I did not see Deborah again for two months and before I did concluded that I had not really helped her as she was the first client I tried using CBSD with. When she then returned she said that “CBSD helped my attitude big time-I am dealing better with my children- and have no negative feelings towards the people that abused me. It is amazing how much better I feel.”

Deborah`s final comment regarding CBSD was related to a family gathering she attended where her mother and brother were present. “I am a very different person and the proof is in the pudding as I no longer felt anxious around my mother and brother.” Number of trauma specific sessions – three-one preparatory – one CBSD – one debriefing.  One final note – Deborah and her husband concluded their counseling after Deborah did her trauma work and are doing very well.


If you have a situation similar to Deborah’s, call me, I can help you.


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