The Case of Jack

A trauma victim treated with insight therapy to overcome self-hate caused by a lifetime of humiliations.

When I found Hal through our employee assistance program, I was emotionally devastated and exhausted and I was the unhappiest than I had ever been in my life. Almost immediately, Hal diagnosed my depression, and within a couple sessions, was extracting the cause of my self–loathing and anxiety.

Within six weeks, we had positively identified half a dozen humiliating traumas that had, over time, veered my emotional self completely upside-down. He gave me some useful techniques to short circuit the fight-or flight reactions that were dogging me every waking hour of every day. Once I was able to calm down, Hal helped me remap my traumas and within twelve weeks, I was greatly transformed: considerably happier, more energetic, more confident, and equipped to fight my own battles.

“The most important thing that Hal did was fight for me. Hal was on my side from the very beginning. He took my traumas, the ones for which I was blaming myself and beating myself up, and turned them on their ear. He was a shining beacon of support and reason in which was otherwise a very dark place. Where once I blamed myself for being physically assaulted by a clergyman, he helped me understand that nothing I did justified his actions.

Where I once blamed myself for being ganged – up on by my friends, he helped me realize that no one should be treated that way, that nobody deserves that. Where once I blamed myself for my difficult relationship with my late father, Hal helped me to understand that it wasn`t my fault, that I was just a normal kid. Hal started an avalanche of remapping my traumas and humiliations that had taken on a life of its own: I now do it for myself.”   “None of this would have been possible without Hal`s help and friendship. It is so wonderful to be able to trust someone as I trust him.”

Hal`s comment-  I chose not to use CBSD WITH Jack because he had a gift – the gift of being able to share his traumas and simultaneously conceptualize changes he would be making in his life. He captured the essence of what we did in the following quote: “helping me drop my narcissistic hollow pumping myself up as a way of artificially dealing with my thoughts of being a loser and other forms of self-loathing.”  Also thanks for the kind words.

UPDATE : It’s been a year since my last session with Hal and I just want to let the world know that I am doing better than ever. I have taken the tools Hal provided and ran with them. I feel terrific… I have even begun exercising again – I am able to face my fear of humiliation and get up on that treadmill and do something positive for me and my family. Every facet of my life has improved and I know in the back of my mind, that if I get overtaken by life once again, I can call on Hal and work it out. Thanks!


If you have a situation similar to Jack’s, call me, I can help you.


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