The Case of Rebecca

CBSD treats obsessing

Rebecca came to therapy to deal with guilt for having had allowed a man to have sex with her after falling asleep after drinking too much at a party. Using cognitive behavioral therapy in the first two sessions she no longer felt guilt but noted a symptom she had had for years – obsessing.

I asked if she had experienced any other traumas in her life and she identified four.  The two most intense that we decided to work on was her cousin`s brother overdosing on heroin and her boyfriend`s brother committing suicide.

“Before I did the CBSD work I was feeling awful, scared, hurt, and sad. Now I realize things which occurred in the past are no longer my fault, I don`t dwell in the past or worry about it, and my self- esteem has lifted. I`ve learned that if I make someone unhappy that doesn`t mean they don`t like me and I don`t have to go along with others just to make them happy.”

Total time in trauma treatment – 8 sessions – 2 of which were CBSD sessions.


If you have a situation similar to Rebecca’s, call me, I can help you.


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