The Case of Sarah

CBSD treats anxiety and low self-esteem caused by an alcoholic`s physical and verbal abuse

Sarah came to counseling with her husband Frank to learn how to communicate better with him. During one session she reported that she has suffered from low self-esteem and anxiety and added that she had been abused as a child. Sarah and Frank decided to temporarily take a break from couples` counseling for her to do some trauma specific work.

At Sarah’s first session alone we discussed several traumas she experienced over the course of her lifetime. However, the ones she said most intensely affected her now were Frank’s verbal and physical abuse which went on for years when he was an active alcoholic. The worst incident was his shoving her into a bathroom door and fracturing her wrist.  It was this incident we did CBSD on.

In Sarah’s next session she reported her “anxiety was gone, she was feeling more confident, less insecure, and really thought that (CBSD) helped although I had doubts in the beginning.”  Total time in trauma treatment – three sessions – one preparatory – one CBSD – one debriefing.


If you have a situation similar to Sarah’s, call me, I can help you.


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